BGMI full version released today on Google Play Store in India by KRAFTON Official

By | July 4, 2021

The official version of BGMI can now be downloaded for Android from the Google Play Store as its release date is 2nd July 2021 as announced by KRAFTON. On 18th June 2021, the early access version of BGMI (PUBG Mobile) was released.

However, for iOS BGMI has not been released yet, and still, about it, there’s no information available. There are various in-game events in the Android launch. 5 million downloads of the beta version of the BGMI have been crossed already. 

In September 2020, because of some data privacy concerns, the government banned PUBG Mobile India. The PUBG Moblie’s alternative’s beta version was available for the players who were pre-registered to be downloaded in May. To get the official version of BGMI, these players must update the app. 

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Unlike, PUBG Mobile India the mature content & in-game violence has been decreased and the game (BGMI) has been customized according to the Indian Tastes and for players, new rules of conduct have also been implemented by KRAFTON

(PUBG Mobile) BGMI Full Version Launched on Google Play Store
(PUBG Mobile) BGMI Full Version Launched on Google Play Store

Also, it was announced by KRAFTON that the players can continue playing after transferring PUBG Mobile data to the new game, on its servers the data will be securely stored in Singapore.

There were also some reports regarding the transfer of data to China’s Tencent servers by BGMI and then KRAFTON responded saying that release of a small update regarding the issues’ fixation about the data’s sending & receiving from China is in process. 

Downloading Process of BGMI Full Version

BGMI can be downloaded by the following process-

  1. At first, one should visit the Play Store.
  2. Then, they should find the game and click on the link to “Install”.
  3. After that, BGMI will start downloading over Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.
  4. Both early access users and new players will have to undergo the above-mentioned process for installing BGMI.

Minimum System Requirements for BGMI

The minimum system requirements for installing BGMI are-

  • There should be an Android phone which must be running on Android 5.1.1. or above for installing BGMI.
  • The phone must have 2 GB RAM at least for installing BGMI.

BGMI PUBG Mobile Launch Rewards:

Various launch rewards and events have been announced by KRAFTON for celebrating release of BGMI. They are as follows-

  1. A free permanent purple outfit will be rewarded by the event named India Ka Battlegrounds.
  2. On the signup, 1 million & 5 million downloads supply crate coupons will be received.
  3. After official opening until 19th August 2021, the reward for 10 million downloads which is the Constable Set can be claimed.
  4. Soon, more events will come. Celebration Time, Weekend Vibes, Friends for Life, etc. will be included among them.
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